Parish History

All Saints Exterior 1The first Greek immigrants arrived in this area quite a few decades ago. Our church was founded in January of 1916.  The church leaders purchased a brick home and services were held there until 1943.  We have been on the same location since 1916.

The building of where the church stands today is not the original structure from 1916 as it was demolished in 1942.  In 1943 the cornerstone for the building that still stands today was laid and many parishioners wanted to build the church in steel.  Due to the war effort there was a shortage of steel, so several parishioners traveled to Washington DC to speak to Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The story goes that Roosevelt said: “I can’t get you steel. We need it to save our troops.” So the church’s representatives said “What if we save some souls?”

Following the meeting, Roosevelt diverted a shipment of steel — that was originally bound for the lights of Wrigley Field — to Joilet for the construction of the All Saints church.

The church was constructed, dedicated, and remains as our house of worship to this day. A school building consisting of four classrooms was erected adjacent to the church for purposes of religious and cultural instruction.

Since its inception our parish has grown significantly. It continues to strive to bear more effective witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the apostolic tradition and worship of the Greek Orthodox church. We invite you to also participate in this witness by joining the worship and fellowship of our parish.